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Onondaga Camp


Leadership Team

  • Super Senior Girls
  • Super Senior Girls Section Head

    Keri Henderson

    Keri has been at Onondaga Camp for 9 summers and is excited to be returning for her 10th. Keri has worked in the Super Senior Girls section for both her years on staff as is excited to return for her 3rd as the Super Senior Girls section head. Keri is currently in the second year of her undergraduate degree studying Art History at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. During her time on staff Keri enjoyed working at crossbow and water skiing. She is excited to take her leadership skills further and show her energy and enthusiasm in the Super Senior Girls section this summer.

  • Super Senior Boys
  • Super Senior Boys Section Head

    Tommy Saunders

    Summer 2020 will be Tommy’s 12th year at Onondaga Camp where he first began as a Bantam Boy. This will be Tommy’s third summer as a Section Head and second in the SSB section. This past winter Tommy graduated from Bishop’s University in the Sports Studies program, and if you want to talk sports he’d be more than happy to! At camp you can often find Tommy at either the Driving Range or the Ball Hockey court. At the tuck shop he loves to get a blue Gatorade and Mars bar - maybe a pink Freezie if it’s a really hot day. Camp is an awesome place and Tommy loves to do whatever he can to help make it so!

  • Senior Girls
  • Senior Girls Section Head

    Paula Sierra

    After 9 awesome summers at camp, Paula is back for #10, and she knows it will be the best one yet. She can’t wait to take on her new role as Section Head for the Senior Girls section. Starting as a Bantam Girl, Paula has loved being part of each and every one of the following sections as a camper, LIT, and three years on staff (all with Seniors, of course). She currently attends university in her home town of Mexico City and is a second-year Sustainable Development Engineering major, which she loves. One of Paula’s favorite parts of camp is how big of a role music plays in the camp experience, and she thoroughly enjoys coming up with fun songs for the campers to wake up to. Her favorite activities at camp are Sailing and Stand Up Paddleboarding and she’s looking forward to lots of fun times on the docks with the SGs!

  • Senior Boys
  • Senior Boys Section Head

    Karl Wennberg

    Karl has been at Onondaga for 6 summers as a camper, LIT and staff member. Karl has worked in both the Inter Boys section and Super Senior Boys section as staff, and cannot wait to take on his first Leadership Team role as Senior Boys section head this summer! Karl is currently studying Chemistry and Philosophy in the Arts and Science program at McGill University. Karl's favourite activity at camp continues to be ball hockey even though he had to take a year away from the court while on crutches in 2018. Back on his feet now, Karl could not be more happy to be spending this summer at Onondaga Camp and can’t wait to meet all the Senior Boys!

  • Inter Boys
  • Inter Boys Section Head

    Dexter Lathangue

    Dexter has been at Onondaga for 3 years. He has previously worked in the Bantam Boys section and was last year’s Head of Sports. Dexter is pursuing a double major in Great Books and History at St. Thomas University in Fredericton, NB. His interests lie in Aristotelian Thought and Political Philosophy, but he also has a passion for sports. His favourites include rugby, soccer, and hockey; he is currently a member of St. Thomas’ Varsity Rugby Team! In the off season, Dexter has been training Bantam Boys Section Head Andrew in his attempt to eat the most chocolate croissants in camp history. Dexter cannot wait to make this summer the best yet for the Inter Boys!

  • Inter Girls
  • Inter Girls Section Head

    Charlotte Knapp

    This year marks Charlotte 3rd year on staff and her 8th summer at camp. Charlotte’s camper years started off in the Inter section. As time went on, Charlotte was an LIT and a staff in the Inter Girls as well. She is extremely excited to return to her favourite section this summer as section head, bringing her passion and enthusiasm to the IG family. Charlotte is currently in her second year in the Commerce program at Queen’s University. She is most excited to hang with the section on the windsurf docks and enjoy her favourite free time activity – sailing!

  • Bantam Girls
  • Bantam Girls Section Head

    Alex Kouri

    Alex is so excited to be returning to camp for her 11th summer at camp! Alex is in her second year of her undergraduate degree studying Criminology at Carleton University. During her time on staff, Alex had the chance to be head of basketball, as well as a leader for Armstrong in the Onondaga Camp games! Alex was with the Jinci Girls last summer and can’t wait to see so many campers she already knows in the Bantam section this year. She is excited to bring her endless energy and love for camp this summer!

  • Bantam Boys
  • Bantam Boys Section Head

    Andrew Knaggs

    This will be Andrew’s 10th year at Onondaga Camp, which is about the lifespan of an eel in captivity. He has been with the Bantam Boys for 2 years and was also head of kayaking last summer. He is unbelievably pumped to be the head of the Bantam Boys section this year, something which has been a dream of his since he was a Bantam Boy himself. Andrew is currently in his 2nd year at Sheridan College studying Film and Television, specializing in sound and editing. Andrew would also like his campers to be aware he is shooting for the Onondaga Camp chocolate croissants record this summer. With Inter Boys section head Dexter training him all off-season and backed by the support of the Bantam Boys, anything is possible. Andrew can’t wait to get the summer started!

  • Jinci Girls
  • Jinci Girls Section Head

    Aubrie Allen

    Aubrie started at camp as a Jinci Girl herself and this will be her 13th summer at camp! She has been a camper, completed the LIT program and been on staff for the past three years. She is looking forward to her new role this summer as the Jinci Girls Section Head. Aubrie is currently attending Concordia University in the Fine Arts program which provides her with great sense of creativity to inspire fun in the Jinci section this summer. Aubrie wants all the girls in her section to leave the summer with new connections and friendships, as well having pushed themselves to try new things. A fun fact, in her free time Aubrie loves to bake, especially different wacky cookies such as S’mores cookies, peanut butter cup cookies, cinnamon roll cookies and more. She can’t wait for the summer.

  • Jinci Boys
  • Jinci Boys Section Head

    Ewan Kay

    This will be Ewan’s 4th summer at Onondaga Camp and 4th on staff. He has worked for two summers in the Jinci Boys section and one as head of sailing. Ewan is very excited to all of the Jinci Boys this summer and make sure that everyone in the section has the best summer possible at camp. He is taking a break from school to spend more time in the outdoor education world, working with Onondaga Camp and Camp Kandalore for every single season. Ewan has really enjoyed learning about all of the ins and outs of camp throughout his amazing times in all four seasons of camp and has lived at camp for an amazing 8 months this year! You can often find Ewan out on the lake in a sailboat enjoying his favourite activity at camp!

Great staff are the core of Onondaga Camp. Our staff training is built on the insight that a kind and helpful staff member is often what a camper will remember most from his or her summer camp experience. We stress the importance of listening, watching, and encouraging so that counsellors can create an environment where campers feel good about trying new things and are supported for their efforts. This philosophy is a fundamental principle for our staff.

We hire new staff on the basis of the soundness and maturity of their judgment, their commitment to being strong role models, and most importantly their ability to establish positive and caring relationships with their campers. Onondagaʼs rigorous two-year Leadership-In-Training program, for our 16- and 17-year-old former campers, provides the theoretical and practical experience to become outstanding leaders and counsellors.