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Onondaga Camp

Leadership Program

When our campers reach the age of 16 they can start the process of becoming a counsellor. The leadership (LIT) course is a two-year program that teaches both the skills needed to lead activities and be a successful cabin counsellor.

Offering two high school credit courses has further set apart Onondaga’s Leadership program from other similar programs. We offer participants in the program an opportunity to obtain Ontario credits that can contribute to their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (O.S.S.D.).

Onondaga Camp established itself as an independent school able to offer credits to its participants in the Leadership Program. We offer the following credits:

The Foundation Year (LIT One)

– Healthy Active Living, Grade 11, Open (PAD30). This course focuses on the development of a healthy lifestyle and participation in a variety of outdoor activities and sports that have the potential to engage students’ interest throughout their lives. Students apply movement principles and sport/game strategies to refine skills, and actively participate in sports and games to enhance their personal competence and fitness. They are encouraged to develop leadership skills and given opportunities to learn and practice goal-setting, decision-making, social, and interpersonal skills. Students study the components of healthy relationships, reproductive health, mental health, and personal safety.

The Apprenticeship Year (LIT Two)

– Recreation and Healthy Active Living Leadership, Grade 12, College Preparation/University (PLF4M). This course focuses on the development of leadership and coordination skills related to recreational activities. Students will acquire the knowledge and skills required to plan, organize, and implement recreational events. They will also learn how to promote the value of physical fitness, personal well-being, and personal safety to others through mentoring and counselling. The course will prepare individuals for future opportunities that may exist in recreational, leisure, and fitness leadership.