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Onondaga Camp



Campers’ clothes are laundered at a commercial laundry. Campers coming for two weeks will have laundry done in the middle of their session and campers coming for four weeks will have laundry done three times. Campers coming for 1 week will not have laundry done, please send your camper with enough clothing for the week.

It is important that parents affix name tags on all clothing to help ensure no mix ups take place. The cost of this laundry service is included in the camp fee. Our laundry is not equipped to do any hand washing. Therefore, clothing that might require hand washing should not be brought to Camp.


No matter how your camper(s) will be arriving at Onondaga Camp we ask that you respect the arrival and departure times below as they will help to ensure a smooth arrival / departure for you and our other families.

There is bus transportation available from Toronto to Onondaga Camp, leaving from the the parking lot located at: 36 Curity Avenue, East York, Ontario M4B 0A2. Please look for the Onondaga Camp staff in red polos. The bus will leave for camp at 2:00pm sharp on arrival days (the first day of each session). Please have your camper at the parking lot by 1:30pm. The bus will return to Toronto between 12:00pm and 12:30pm on departure days (the final day of each session).

If you will be dropping your camper off by car, we ask that you arrive between 1pm and 4pm. Pick up on departure days is between 9am and 10:30am.


One & Two week campers are not allowed visitors because of the short length of their session. Most campers take a bit of time to settle into the Camp routine and a visit from parents during these shorter sessions may disrupt the camper’s enjoyment of Camp.

Visitors for Four Week Campers are permitted. As not all families are able to visit, we do not have a specific visitorʼs day, nor do we put on special programs for visiting parents. You are welcome to come and visit your camper during their stay. We would ask that visits take place between 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm. Campers should be back to participate in activities starting at 2:40 pm. Please call prior to your visit so we may ensure that your child will be in Camp.


All parents will receive a call from their campers Section Head. Parents of first time campers will receive a call within the first couple of days of the session, parents of returning campers will receive a call within the first week. This is to provide a quick update about how your child is settling in.

Campers are not permitted to place or receive personal phone calls except in emergencies. The Camp phone number is (705) 286-1030 and is answered during regular business hours. Should you require information on your child, we will be pleased to have their Section Head call you within 24 hours.

Please note that campers are not permitted to have cell phones at camp. Being in constant communication with family and friends from home can detract from an important part of the camp experience, which is developing a greater sense of self and independence.

Canoe Tripping

Tripping is a huge part of Onondaga Camp, and has been for many years. Although canoe trip is optional for our campers, as a traditional summer camp we truly believe that the canoe trip is something that kids should experience.

Many campers look forward to the opportunity to get to see some of Ontario’s great outdoors while being in the company of their friends as well as amazing staff. We are fortunate to run our canoe trips in the Leslie Frost Centre, Algonquin Park and Temagami.

Our Bantams (11-12 year olds) have the opportunity to go on a 3-day canoe trip, where as our Inters (13 year olds), Seniors (14 year olds), and Super Seniors (15 year olds) have the opportunity to go on a 4-day canoe trips. There is also the option for those Senior and Super Senior campers coming for a month to take part in a 7-day canoe trip.

All of our canoe trips are accompanied by one of our experienced and trained canoe trip leaders who will be assisted by one of our counselling staff. Most canoe trips have up to seven campers.


Campers do appreciate mail and parents are encouraged to write often when their child is at Camp. The quickest way to get mail to your camper is through email. Parents may send their campers emails through our email system, which are printed off and given to the campers at regular mail time. You can access our online camper e-mail system by clicking here.

As the Camp is located on a rural route, the mail to and from Camp tends to take significantly longer than in major mailing centers. We recommend sending mail at least a week in advance. If your child is taking the bus, please feel free to give letters to the staff on the bus, or you may wish to leave a letter, or two with the Camp office when you bring your child to Camp.

Please address mail to:

Camperʼs Name & Section
c/o Onondaga Camp
1120 Rackety Trail, R.R. #3
Minden, Ontario K0M 2K0

Care packages are wonderful things to receive at camp, however, due to food allergies, they must be comprised of articles other than food. Some suggestions include: books, magazines, games, toys or clothing. Please note that all campers will be asked to open their packages in the camp office and any food items will be disposed of.