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Onondaga Camp

Health & Safety

The health and safety of our campers and staff is our first priority. Our on-site infirmary is staffed by a doctor and three nurses and is equipped to serve the daily needs of campers. In case of emergency, the hospital in Minden is only five minutes away.

Our approach to the health of our campers goes beyond standard medical requirements. That means taking care to ensure that things like protective sunblock and regular hand washing become part of a camperʼs daily routine.

We take this same approach to safety. In all areas of our program, we enforce strict and sensible safety rules. Our high staff-to-camper ratio, along with the extensive training our staff receive, ensure that the activities are conducted safely. Itʼs equally important to look after the emotional safety of our campers. At Onondaga, our staff is skilled in helping to foster the supportive and caring environment required for every boy and girl to experience the best of what Onondaga has to offer.