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Onondaga Camp


Leadership Team

  • Thomas
  • Thomas Saunders

    Inter Boys Section Head

    This is Thomas' 10th summer at Onondaga Camp and he is extremely excited to return as the Inter Boys Section Head. Thomas fondly remembers being once an Inter Boy as a camper and can hardly wait to rejoin the best section at camp! In summers past, you may have caught Thomas up at the Driving Range, or hanging out at the Ball Hockey courts. Thomas can't wait to be back at camp playing tether ball, jumping off the high tower, and doing all the other essential Inter Boy things! Onondaga's 101st summer will be a blast, and Thomas is eagerly preparing to spend yet another summer at Onondaga Camp

  • Julia
  • Julia Farrow

    Jinci Girls Section Head

    Julia is extremely excited to be returning to Middle Bob Lake for her 12th summer this year. 12 years ago she started off as a Jinci herself, so she is extremely excited to take on her new role of being the Jinci Girls Section Head! When Julia is not playing basketball on the Onondaga Camp courts or water skiing on Middle Bob Lake, she is at Dalhousie University studying Business Management. 10 months out of the year, Julia is dreaming about chanting in the dining hall with the Jinci girls so she is so excited to get back to it. Get ready, it's going to be the best summer yet!

  • Jacob
  • Jacob Dombkowski

    Trip Director

    Jacob has been in the outdoor activities industry for the past four years, having worked in the UK as an outdoor educator/instructor.
    With a passion for the great outdoors and driven to inspire others to experience it, Jacob will be spending his third summer at Onondaga as part of the tripping team and second summer as the Trip Director. Jacob and the tripping team are responsible for all the amazing and memorable canoe trips campers experience throughout the summer. Jacob is looking forward to many themed trips, epic campfire kazoo battles and making the biggest s`more possible this summer.

  • Kevin
  • Kevin Lewis

    Communication Director

    Kevin is very excited to be returning to the sunny shores for his third year at camp and second as Onondaga Camp’s Communication Director. Kevin has been working with young people through everything from University Residences to school classrooms. Outside of camp, he has finished his Bachelor’s of Education at McGill University, after getting to teach in Hong Kong for two months. He loves hiking, Nordic Skiing, rock-climbing, and just about anything else that can have him out and enjoying the outdoors. Kevin is responsible for making sure that every first year camper has a truly memorable experience at camp, and that their parents are well informed about all the splendor on Middle Bob! He cannot wait to meet all of the new campers who are choosing to spend part of their summer with us!

  • Thomas
  • Thomas Csathy

    Senior Boys Section Head

    Thomas is fired up to be spending his 7th summer at Onondaga Camp as the Senior Boys Section Head! He’s currently living in Kingston where he studies engineering at Queen’s University, but is looking forward to buzzing his hair and moving to Middle Bob Lake for a summer of fun with his best friends. Thomas plans to encourage the Senior Boys to take full advantage of all the amazing opportunities camp has to offer, because he knows that if they do, then they, like him, will never want to leave.

  • Katherine
  • Katherine Greer

    Inter Girls Section Head

  • Chloé & Jack
  • Chloé & Jack

    LIT 2 Directors

  • zach
  • Zach Chan


    Bantam Boys Section Head

    Zach is very excited to be coming back this summer as the Bantam Boys Section Head! This will be his 7th summer at camp, and after some reflection, he has determined that it is the connections that are made at camp that bring him back every year. Outside of camp, his passions range from playing hockey to jamming out on his ukulele. Zach believes that the Bantam Boys are a very energetic and tight-knit community, where fun is the thing they do best. He is extremely excited to do everything from screaming dining hall cheers to sharing his enthusiasm for being at camp with some new (and returning) faces this summer!

  • Darien
  • Darien Hewey

    Super Senior Boys Section Head

  • Gavin
  • Gavin Hull

    LIT 1 Director

    Gavin will be joining us for his 7th summer at Onondaga Camp and has decided to change things up this year by returning as one of the LIT Directors. He’s excited to move from the working with the youngsters to the LITs, although he will miss all the shenanigans that the Bantam Boys got up too. He is currently going into his last year of Recreational Management at Dalhousie Univeristy . Gavin’s favourite meal at camp is cold cut sandwiches with extra ketchup. He can’t not believe that he has the honour and privilege of working with his caring, enthusiastic and short friend, Gen. LIT 1’s better get ready for a summer like no other.

  • Josh
  • Josh Majewski

    Program Director

    Josh is looking forward to returning to camp for his 12th summer as one of this year's Program Directors. Josh has worked all around camp in his four years on staff and understands the ins and outs of everyday camp life. Josh and the program team will be working their hardest to organize and facilitate a fantastic summer full of fun and discovery. When he is not working on organizing program, you will be able to find Josh waterskiing on Middle Bob Lake or pedaling around the mountain bike trails.

  • Gen
  • Gen Simone

    LIT 1 Director

    This is Gen's 9th summer at Onondaga and she is returning as the LIT 1 director. She will deeply miss the Inter Girls section but is very excited to be running a program that she feels is integral to Onondaga Camp. Gen majors in Biology at Queen's University but minors in having fun. Her favourite camp dessert are the butter tarts and appreciates that they are raisin-free. She is honoured to be working with her tallest and kindest friend, Gavin, and hopes all the LIT 1s are preparing themselves for one of the best summer's of their life!

  • Zoe
  • Zoe Sullivan

    Bantam Girls Section Head

    Zoë is incredibly excited about her new role as the Bantam girls section head! Zoë is going into her third year at Queen's University and can't wait to be back on Middle Bob lake for her 7th summer. After working in both the Jinci and Bantam girls sections, she can safely say that Bantam girls is the best section at camp! Zoë wants the BGs to be ready for their best summer yet!

  • Jocelyn
  • Jocelyn McLaren

    Program Director

    Joc is super stoked to be returning to the shores of Onondaga Camp for her fourth year as one of this season’s Program Directors. Jocelyn has been at camps most of her life and working in camps and outdoor adventure for 7 years. She is currently studying Forestry in the hills of Scotland. Outside of the camp world, Joc loves to crochet and take care of her collection of baby trees. Joc and the program team are responsible for the everyday organization of activities, wrangling of the specialists and development of new programs! She’s most excited for roaring campfires and flying down the fox!

  • Ross
  • Ross Graham

    Jinci Boys Section Head

  • Ross
  • Ross Pickess

    Special Programs Director

    Ross is excited to be returning for the second year as the Special Programs Director. This will be his 13th summer at camp and he looks to have some classic F.U.N.! Ross is most looking forward to being with the best group of people for another amazing summer! He is also up for taking on any basketball or tether ball challenges that come his way! Ross can't wait to work with the program team to come up with even better, crazier ideas for this summer!

  • Jackie
  • Jackie Scott

    Super Senior Girls Section Head

    Returning for her 8th summer at Onondaga Camp and 4th summer working in the Super Senior Girls section, Jackie is beyond excited for her new role as SSG Section Head! As a Super Senior herself not too long ago, Jackie believes that the SSG is more than a tight-knit community, but in fact its own little family. The SSG is all about having fun, and being your best and most authentic self. When Jackie isn’t at camp she spends her time with friends, playing volleyball at Western University, and wishing she were back at camp. This summer, Jackie wants each Super Senior Girl to recognize both the responsibility and excitement of being the oldest campers at Onondaga Camp. Sign up for that activity you never had the chance to try, reconnect with familiar faces, and introduce yourself to new ones. This year at camp is going to be the best summer yet!

  • Lily
  • Lily Allen

    Senior Girls Section Head

    Returning for her 13th summer at Onondaga Camp, Lily can't wait for an incredible summer filled with fun, sunshine and lots of friends! After working as one of the full time family care staff last summer, Lily is excited to return to the Senior Ladies in her new role as Senior Girls Section Head! Outside of camp. Lily is going into her fourth year at Queen's University and is majoring in Sociology. Lily can't wait to get back to Middle Bob Lake to jump off the high tower and hang out with the Senior Girls on the tent line!

Great staff are the core of Onondaga Camp. Our staff training is built on the insight that a kind and helpful staff member is often what a camper will remember most from his or her summer camp experience. We stress the importance of listening, watching, and encouraging so that counsellors can create an environment where campers feel good about trying new things and are supported for their efforts. This philosophy is a fundamental principle for our staff.

We hire new staff on the basis of the soundness and maturity of their judgment, their commitment to being strong role models, and most importantly their ability to establish positive and caring relationships with their campers. Onondagaʼs rigorous two-year Leadership-In-Training program, for our 16- and 17-year-old former campers, provides the theoretical and practical experience to become outstanding leaders and counsellors.