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Onondaga Camp


The core of Onondaga is comprised of a number of first-rate common buildings and facilities, many of which were built within the past ten years. Designed for use by all campers, they include a spacious dining hall, a recreational hall, a comprehensive arts and crafts centre, three different sports fields, tennis courts, a new Horseback Riding facility, ball hockey and basketball courts, a small skate park, a state of the art challenge ropes course including a 70-foot swing, as well as ample room indoors for other activities and rainy days.


Campers can look forward to plenty of choice and excellent food at every meal at Onondaga.

We know that a full active day at camp requires proper nutrition and the kind of food that kids will love. All meals served are family style and campers will sit with their tent and cabin groups during their entire stay at camp. We offer lots of variety with each meal, having soup available at each lunch and two additional food bars available at every meal to add choice. All meals are consistent with CanadaŹ¼s Food Guide and the staff encourage campers to eat well-balanced meals with varied menus.

Our chef, Andre Dallaire, has been working with Onondaga for over 20 years and has perfected his menu, serving meals that everyone loves such as chicken pot pie, lasagna, spaghetti, chicken Caesar pitas, pizza bagels, tacos and the list goes on! We are also happy to support alternate dietary needs, please contact us for more information.

Apart from the three daily meals, campers are also free to enjoy fruit throughout the day and a small snack before bedtime.

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