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Onondaga Camp


  • Director, Duncan Robertson
  • Duncan Robertson

    Director, Duncan Robertson

    Camp Director

    Leading our entire program is Camp Director and part owner, Duncan Robertson, who can call upon over 25 years worth of experience as a camper, staff member and director. Duncan has been actively involved with the Ontario Camps Association, serving as a board member for five years. He is also a board member of the Society of Camp Directors, and has given presentations on many topics over the years at provincial, national and international camping conferences. He is supported by an active Board of Directors and fellow owners: David Hadden, David Lever and Michael Moore, each of whom has been a director of the camp in the past.

    Toronto: (416) 482 0782
    Camp: (705) 286 1030

assistant directors

  • Cassandra
  • Cassandra Polychronopoulos

    Assistant Director - Camp Life

    Starting her career at Onondaga as an Inter Girl, Cass has been a part of the camp community for almost 20 years. Partaking in the two year Leadership Program and continuing on to Staff, Section Head and Leadership Director, it was only natural for Cass to return after a short break to become one of our Assistant Directors. During the summer, Cass oversees all Staff and Section Heads, ensuring that each camper has a memorable stay at Onondaga. Understanding that overnight camp can be an adjustment for parents as well, Cass maintains constant communication with our families throughout their campers' stay.

  • Assistant Director, Sam Butcher
  • Sam Butcher

    Assistant Director, Sam Butcher

    Assistant Director – Operations

    Sam Butcher has been at Onondaga for 14 years, but has over 20 years of experience working in camping. Sam has her BA in Psychology from Windsor University and her Bachelor of Education from the University of Ottawa. Sam is an active member of the Ontario Camps Association, having served as Vice President of the board as well as being a key member in many other committees. During the summer Sam oversees the office and health centre, she is the backbone of Onondaga’s administration throughout the year.

    Toronto: (416) 482 0782
    Camp: (705) 286 1030

  • Miles
  • Miles Villneff

    Assistant Director – Program

    Miles has been in the camping industry for the past 12 years, having worked 10 summers at Onondaga as staff, Tripping Director, Leadership Director and Assistant Director. Miles is a graduate of the Algonquin College Outdoor Adventure program, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge related to program planning. During the summer Miles is responsible for all activity staff and programs, he is also the Spring Outdoor Centre Director. Miles is passionate about the quality of the activities offered at Onondaga.

    Toronto: (416) 482 0782
    Camp: (705) 286 1030

Leadership Team

  • Gavin
  • Gavin Sharpe

    Inter Boys Section Head

    Gavin couldn’t be more excited to be returning this June with the Inter Boys for his 10th year at Onondaga and his third year on staff! He can’t wait to share the sun, the lake, and good times with the Inter men this summer. Gavin is thoroughly aware of just how important it is to provide and inclusive and high energy environment in the section and has no doubt he can make this a success as Inter Boys section head. In the off season Gavin studies biology at the University of Western Ontario but is always daydreaming of the waterskiing and pizza bagels to come in a few short months!

  • Alex
  • Alex Wassell

    Jinci Girls Section Head

    Alex will be returning for her 11th summer at Onondaga and is so excited to take on the role of Jinci Girl section head! With this being her third year in the Jinci Girl section, she knows exactly how to help first time campers make an easy transition into camp life while creating long lasting memories - and how to cheer louder than the Jinci boys. Alex is currently studying communications and business at the University of Ottawa, and cannot WAIT to be back at camp

  • Lauren
  • Lauren Klestinec

    Program Director

    Lauren will be returning for her 10th summer at Onondaga this year and is so excited to continue her role as one of the program directors. She had an absolute blast learning the ins and outs of the camp last summer and can't wait to be back on Middle Bob Lake in a few short months!

  • Kevin
  • Kevin Lewis

    Communications Director

    Kevin will be returning for his 3rd summer at Onondaga and is beyond thrilled to be taking the role of Communications Director. After his first summer on staff, he is excited to work on ensuring that every camper enjoys a unique and personal summer at Onondaga this year. His passion for helping others grow and learn will make sure that every camper, new and returning, will have a blast this summer. Kevin is currently finishing his 4th year at McGill for education, and very psyched to be at camp again soon!

  • Katrina
  • Katrina Power

    Bantam Girls Section Head

    Katrina will be returning for her 13th summer at Onondaga and is thrilled to be leading the bantam girls. After being a staff in the section for two years, Katrina is ready to take on more responsibility and use her previous experience to make the section the best it can be. Katrina is currently studying at Western University, and cannot wait to be back at camp for Onondaga’s 100th summer.

  • Chloé
  • Chloé Laflamme

    LIT 1 Director

    For her 13th summer as an Onondagan, Chloé will be returning as one of our LIT I Directors! While studying Biochemistry and Environmental Science at McGill University, Chloé often daydreams about being back on Middle Bob Lake. With fond memories of her time as an LIT, Chloé is excited to participate in the program once again. With Chloé's deep appreciation of impromptu dance parties and competitive games of huckle-buckle, LIT I's can look forward to an amazing month!

  • Jess & Griffin
  • Jess & Griffin

    LIT 2 Directors

    Griffin and Jess are so excited to be returning to camp with their LITs this summer! This being Jess' 15th summer and Griff's 7th, they have tons of experience and are so excited to watch their LITs continue to grow into amazing leaders!

  • Adrian
  • Adrian Baeck

    Senior Boys Section Head

    Adrian will be returning for his 11th summer at Onondaga and is very excited to take on the role as Senior Boy Section Head this year. With this being his fourth year on staff, Adrian is thrilled to be leading the Senior Boys, as he has been working in the senior section for the past two summers. With his energetic and enthusiastic attitude, this year’s Senior Boys can be sure that there won’t be a dull moment and expect a summer filled with excitement. He is currently studying at the University of Exeter and is already counting down the days until he is back in Canada for Onondaga’s 100th summer!

  • Gavin
  • Gavin Hull

    Bantam Boys Section Head

    This is Gavin's 6th year at camp and he super excited to be coming back for his second year as a section head. With his experience, he will be able to ensure that it’s so much fun in the SUN… with sunscreen! He is currently in 3rd year at Dalhousie University studying Recreational Management. As great as this year at school has been, he has been looking forward to spending his summer in the Bantam Boys section and getting to know each and every one of you.

  • Jamie
  • Jamie O'Halloran

    Program Director

    Jamie will be returning for his 12th summer at Onondaga and could not be more excited about his new role with the Program Team. After having a superb summer last year as the Inter Boy Section Head, Jamie is excited to get an opportunity to help out with The Oak Tree News again. Currently studying at Queen's University, he has been counting the days to head back up to Little Bob Lake.

  • Gen
  • Gen Simone

    Inter Girls Section Head

    Gen will be returning to Onondaga for her 8th summer and is very excited to take on a new role as Inter Girls Section Head! This will be her third summer working with the Inters and she strongly believes that they embody the heart and soul of camp. She is currently studying Biology at Queen’s University but is excited for the spring when she can finally get outside and in the water! Gen is counting down the days until she can meet all of her campers and share with them her energy and ideas. The Inter Girls should prepare themselves for one of the most incredible summers they have ever had - filled with lots of fun and friendships!

  • Hannah
  • Hannah McClean

    Senior Girls Section Head

    Hannah will be returning for her 9th summer at Onondaga and is incredibly excited to be leading the Senior Girls section! Having always worked with the older campers, Hannah knows how to make the summer the best it can be for all of her senior ladies! Campers should be prepared for a summer filled with tons of fun and lots of new friendships! Hannah is currently studying at Queen’s University and cannot wait until she is back at camp this summer!

  • Camille
  • Camille Archer

    Super Senior Girls Section Head

    Camille is so excited to be returning to Onondaga for her 11th summer at camp. She is thrilled to be leading the best section at camp – the Super Senior Girls! After working in this section for the past two summers as a staff member, she feels confident that this year will be one of the best the Super Senior Girls have ever seen! Presently, Camille attends Queen’s University and is studying Economics and Global Development. She cannot wait to be back at her favourite place in the world and is eagerly awaiting the camper’s arrival. The Super Senior Girls should start getting ready for a high energy section and unlimited fun!

  • Ethan
  • Ethan Buckhalter

    Jinci Boys Section Head

    Ethan will be returning to Onondaga for his 6th summer and cannot wait to take on his new role as Jinci Boy Section Head! This will be his third summer working in the Jinci Boys section, having been a counsellor for Cabin 7 the last two summers. With that being said, he know’s exactly what is needed so that every camper has an amazing and memorable camp experience. Ethan is currently in his second year studying Politics at Queen’s University and is counting down the days until he can be back at camp!

  • Ross
  • Ross Pickess

    Special Programs Director

    Ross is excited to be returning for his 12th summer at Onondaga in his role as Special Programs Director! This past year Ross has been backpacking through Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. Ross is looking forward to seeing everyone on the dance floor and will be accepting all tether ball challenges!

  • Jack
  • Jack Miller

    Head of Tripping

    Jack will be returning for his 3rd summer at Onondaga and is very excited about his return as the Head of tripping. With experiences of mountain biking down active volcanoes, rock climbing in the french alps and many country wide adventures in Britain and Canada, Onondaga can prepare for the best summer of raw authentic fun, experience and opportunity to live life to the fullest. With his recent graduation from his studies abroad of Adventure Education he cannot wait till he can return to Canada for another amazing summer!