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Onondaga Camp

E-mail a Camper/LIT

Please complete the form below to send your camper/LIT an e-mail. Each e-mail will be printed on a full piece of paper, as such, we ask that you keep the environment in mind and refrain from sending 1-line messages. Thank you!

Please note that unfortunately we are unable to deliver messages that are sent before the start date of your camper/LIT’s session.

Thank you for using our E-mail System!

Emails will be printed off and delivered to campers within 48 hours. Emails received within 24 hours of departure may not be delivered. Please keep in mind that printed emails are not put in envelopes and may be viewed by staff in the course of their delivery, therefore messages should not include any sensitive or confidential information. Campers do not have access to the internet and therefore cannot respond by email.